Education is not just about imparting knowledge but about igniting a love for learning. As an educator, I strive to empower students, spark their curiosity and guide them on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Faculty Members

Reetoja Taj



A dedicated teacher with a profound passion for English language and literature, this accomplished educator has mentored over 70k students, shaping minds and inspiring lifelong learning with 18+ years of expertise.



B.A.(Hons.)(English) [Calcutta University]

M.A.(English) [RBU]

B.Ed[Calcutta University]

Former PhD Scholar [IIT(ISM), Dhanbad]

Post Graduate Diploma (Human Rights) [Indian Institute of Human Rights]



Former Assistant Professor: Modern Institute of Engineering & Technology (2012-2013)

Former Assistant Professor: Haldia Institute of Technology (2013-2018)

Former Assistant Professor: Brainware University (2018-2020)

Former Assistant Professor: St. Thomas’ College Engineering & Technology (2020-2022)

Former Faculty: IGNOU

Former Paper Setter & External Examiner: Vidyasagar University



Education encompasses more than simply transferring knowledge; it entails igniting a passion for learning. My aim is to equip students with their own abilities and empower them. I will serve as a guiding presence, offering motivation and support along the way.

Faculty Members

Mr. Sourav Chakraborty



An ardent educator with an intense love for global literature and diverse languages. Over a span of nearly three decades, he has guided countless students throughout the nation. 



M.A. in Comparative Literature (Jadavpur University)
PhD Scholar, Department of English (Neotia University)



Guest Faculty of Comparative Literature and Tamil Language, Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University (2000-till date)
Assistant Professor, Brainware University (2019-2020)
Visiting Faculty, Department of English, Neotia University (Jan 2023-Till Date)


Other Members

Shreya Nandi

[B.Com, ECDRO in ECCED.]

Public Relationship Manger, Admission Counselor

Bidisha Chatterjee


Technical Head, Graphic Designer

Sudeshna Guha

[M.Sc , FTM from FIEO, 10+ years of Experience in Business Development]

Business Advisor